Salmon - Seattle Skyline Smoked Sockeye Salmon - 6 oz


Since 1957, the highly prized smoked wild Sockeye salmon has been the flagship of the Sea Bear line.

Sea Bear starts with wild Alaskan salmon, and fillets each portion by hand.

Share Sea Bear's prized Sockeye Salmon, now in a decorated Seattle Style box!

Distinctive in its rich red color, robust flavor, and succulent tender flakes, our traditional alder smoked Sockeye offers the quintessential Northwest smoked wild salmon experience.

And, since it's fully cooked, and packed in their famous Gold Seal pouch, no refrigeration is necessary until opened.

No refrigeration required.

Like all Sea Bear salmon, each fillet is filled by hand, small-batch smoked, vacuum sealed in our famous gold pouch and gently cooked.

This preserves the salmon naturally, so no refrigeration is needed until the pouch is opened.

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